End It

by kruk

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Kruk: Marco Biasioli, Andrea Boccadoro, Emanuele Esposito, Valerio Scialanca, Alessandro Ventura.

All songs written, arranged and played by Kruk, except bass on Serenade played by Gabriele Civitella and drums on Serenade played by Daniele Sergio.


released November 4, 2011

Recorded between March and September 2011 at 24 Gradi Studios and Controfase Studios, Rome.

Engineered by Matteo Manni and Pietro Pompei. All songs mixed by Steve Orchard except Serenade mixed by Matteo Manni at SAE Studios, London. Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at Soundmasters Studios, London.



all rights reserved


kruk Rome, Georgia

Kruk is a band formed in 2009 and currently based in London.

In March 2011 the band starts working on its first album, finally released in November 2011 with the title End It. Mixed by Steve Orchard and mastered in London at Soundmasters Studios by Kevin Metcalfe.

The multilayered composition and the variety of arrangements reflects the idea of a musical kaleidoscope.
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Track Name: Alarm Clock
Hey dawn.
Track Name: Serenade
Serenade, I kissed you on the neck
What time did you set the alarm?
Serenade, you should definitely celebrate
Be careful with alcohol
What’s going on?

Serenade, you should definitely go without
You see me, round and round
Do I spin?

Some time has to go
Stay in light
Stare at my eyes, like the sun
Naked, like the sun
Track Name: Desert Hill
I feel I'm walking feet upside down
Though my hands are sore
I will walk more
Thinking I'm losing weight.
There's a light that crashes first
While you wipe out the dirt
Over million people buzzing mouths
Please let us sleep tight.

Years have passed since your last denial
You flow, you are too high
You sleep softly in a bed of sky
And you keep away your lies.

Oh why did you fade?
Wrapped in the noise of a bomb shade
We are all getting late
We are all getting laid
Laughing in a maze.

You promised me a land with no king.
Track Name: Homeless Cowboy
A muffled pain
A celebration day
Picking up the winnings
While breaking apart
A cloakroom sun
A fairy poetry line
Falling for new beginnings
Never to start
Cause you don’t know where you are

I was sleeping in a car
I was lost
Track Name: Watery Paths
Well all this time
You didn’t say a word
You carried your weight behind
Won’t you back up
And spend with me some time?
Remember when we went out?
To the lake in the morning sun
And you were leading me
Through those watery paths

A king forgets his crown
And a queen’s smile turns into a frown
It’s the fear of getting old

Please stay
And we’ll go back
Track Name: Egg's Lullaby
Now it’s time for people to lay on Mars
Watching all the spheres setting down
Save me from these spider rings of time
Leaving all the shadows crawling up
While you’re lost in your father’s hands
You’re lost in your father’s hands

Astronauts are floating in the back of my head
Covering up a neuron with a planet case

You may frown as the engine rocks you to sleep
Gazing at a rocket, licking your lips
And you’re lost in your father’s hands
You’re lost in your father’s hands.
Track Name: A Mile In A Foreign Clime
I’ll cover with water the leather that
keeps me
I’m waiting for the ground to crumble
into my sleeve
I’m pregnant, your bollocks have
fertilized me
I’m waiting for the balcony to take off,
god speed
Mistress, take me out, doctor take
me out.
And all again, and all again it leaves
no wonder
And all again, all again, leaves no
Track Name: Feathers & Belts
Every night I fight
Against my hand
And as a disguise
I use a band
You say you want me
To heal your shreds
Remember well:
Puddles evaporate

Your heart calls you up
You turn away

Is this the path where you belong
When there’s no path at all?
Is this the way you prolong

This masquerade?
Track Name: Aside
Sail upon a consequence
Out of time
Summerbreeze and somersaults
By the seaside
Cause if I lie by your side
I go and dive
Cause if I lie by your side
I go and climb

Take a walk
Through streets you know
And never hide
Say hello to whom you love
At first sight
Cause if I lie by your side

I go and dive
Cause if I lie by your side
I go and climb
Track Name: End It
Sold, paid
Forget your town
Don’t fade
You’re so down
Faces got frozen
Don’t fade
You’re so down

Cold time
Vice, vice
Don’t lie
Twice, twice
Faces got frozen
Don’t lie twice